Winter weather is great for some things. Skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, making snow angels – all of these things just couldn’t happen in the summertime. Summertime has some things that just aren’t as much fun in the winter, as well. You’d get pretty chilly walking around in shorts and a tank top, and swimming just isn’t as much fun once the weather dips below 65 or 70 degrees. Even picnics are more fun when the weather is warm!

Another thing that is better accomplished once the weather turns warm is having your chimney repaired. Here are some reasons why!


The mortar of your chimney, like practically anything else, is going to suffer from weathering. The drumming of rain or sleet on the mortar that holds your brick, block, or stone chimney together will cause it to wear down and become unstable, and that can cause a dangerous situation for a homeowner. The process of removing that mortar and replacing it with new is called tuckpointing. This is a job that is best done during the warm summer days.

Mortar is directly affected by the temperature. In the cold winter weather, your mortar will have a slower hydration. When the water in the mortar freezes it will expand and cuase your mortar to crack. This is not to say that it is impossible to do mortar replacement during the winter. However, there are many steps which must be taken, and the price of repairs will increase. Add to this the possibility that the mortar may not set right or freezing may occur which will damage the consistency of the mortar, and it just doesn’t seem like it is worth the risk – instead, have it repaired now, when the temperatures make it an easier repair job.

Flashing Repair

If you’ve noticed that your chimney is starting to leak around the fireplace, it is most likely that you’ve have some type of damage to your chimney flashing. Chimney flashings are the metal sheets that you can see around where your chimney meets your shingles, and it plays an extremely important role in making sure that leaks don’t occur. Many times a chimney isn’t actually attached to the frame of the house, and so, when the normal settling that happens in every house occurs, cracks can appear and leaks will then happen. Flashing is also susceptible to normal wear and tear from the weather, and it can also rust through. When that happens, you’ll probably notice leaks starting to occur.

The process of having your flashing repaired is best accomplished during the warm summer months simply because it’s easier for your chimney repairman to get on your roof when there isn’t snow or ice present. Also, outdoor work is safer for our team during the summer months.

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